UCI EiR Brochure



The Experts In-Residence network are a group of business leaders who volunteer their time in support of the entrepreneurial ecosystem at UCI Applied Innovation, in particular, emerging start-ups affiliated with the UCI Wayfinder program. There are numerous opportunities with low to high time commitments. The UCI Applied Innovation team was looking for reference brochures to convey information about opportunities for mentors, as well as how start-ups in the incubator can be part of the Wayfinder program.



The Experts-in-Residence trifold outlines the application process, volunteer roles and descriptions in a well-organized manner utilizing UCI Applied Innovation brand guidelines. By combining an infographic with text, the reader can navigate available roles and descriptions with ease. Contrasting colors and shapes create a clear visual comparison of roles and the time commitment required for each. The trifold format was also strategic with the goal of having related material together so it can be read with continuity, uninterrupted by turning pages. On the Wayfinder brochure, I utilized a traditional half booklet format with the intention of having it be portable. Design intent here was to use ample white space and color contrast to help identify different sections.