AT&T Performing arts center

annual report/strategy/design/typesetting


The AT&T Performing Arts Center is an iconic venue of the Dallas Arts District. Year-round performances enrich the creative community, educate the public, and enhance the economic pillars of this beautiful city. The annual report is a crucial publication in informing the public, the stakeholders, and sponsors on financial status as well as what was achieved with various funding received. The design challenge here was to create a data-driven design showing results alongside beautiful performance imagery without either one upstaging the other.  



First and foremost, as any multiple-page, complex design, I set up a system for styles and structure of pages based on the sections of this annual report. As a fluid piece with new information coming in throughout the process, this system really enhanced efficiency. Aesthetically, the center itself with its iconic Winspear Opera House architecture served as an inspiration point to create an annual report that extends like a branch from the heart of the grounds where performances happen. The finished piece shows glowing statistics in duet with magical moments captured from various performances.